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    Single Channel Volume Micropipette, 0.1-2.5µl/0.5-10µl/5-50µl/20-200µl/100-1000µl

    Variable volume micropipette, single channel, has an optional volume range of 0.1-2.5µL, 0.5-10µL, 5-50µL, 20-200µL, 100-1000µL, 1000-5000μL and 2-10mL. sisco micropipette has a digital display, which can accurately set and identify the volume. The required volume can be adjusted by rotating the piston button.
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    Reliable single channel micropipette with a wide volume range of 0.1-2.5µL, 0.5-10µL, 5-50µL, 20-200µL, 100-1000µL, 1000-5000μL and 2-10mL for selection. The volumetric micropipette has an ergonomic design, and easy operation. Volume micropipette is easy to use for accurate sampling and distribution of aqueous solutions.

    Single channel volume micropipette details

    Volume micropipette with a single channel, and wide optional volume range.

    • Single channel micropipettes is available in various volumes 0.1μL- 10mL with tip ejector
    • 3-digit volume display for clear reading and easy volume setting
    • Mechanical pipettes with ergonomic handle design, providing user light, easy and smooth operation
    • The lower section can be autoclaved at 121℃
    • CE certification


    A pipette also called a pipette gun, is a measuring tool that transfers a liquid from the original container to another container within a certain range. It is widely used in clinical diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories, environmental laboratories, and food laboratories.

    Application of pipette




    Model Volume Range Testing Volume Accuracy Repeatability Increment Tips Volume
    SISCO-M2.5 0.1-2.5μL 2.5μL ±2.50% ±2.00%  0.05μL 10μL
    1.25μL ±3.00% ±3.00%
    0.25μL ±2.00% ±6.00%
    SISCO-M10 0.5-10μL 10μL ±1.00% ±0.80%  0.1μL 10μL
    5μL ±1.50% ±1.50%
    1μL ±2.50% ±1.50%
    SISCO-M20 2-20μL 20μL ±0.90%  ±0.40%  0.5μL 200μL
    10μL ±1.20% ±1.00% 
    2μL ±3.00% ±2.00%
    SISCO-M50 5-50μL 50μL ±0.60%  ±0.30%  0.5μL 200μL
    25μL ±0.90% ±0.60% 
    5μL ±2.00% ±2.00%
    SISCO-M100 10-100μL 100μL ±0.80% ±0.15%  1μL 200μL
    50μL ±1.00%  ±0.40% 
    10μL ±3.00% ±1.50%
    SISCO-M200 20-200μL 200μL ±0.60%  ±0.15%  1μL 200μL
    100μL ±0.80% ±0.30%
    20μL ±3.00% ±1.00%
    SISCO-M1000 100-1000μL 1000μL ±0.60%  ±0.20%  5μL 1000μL
    500μL ±0.70%  ±0.25% 
    100μL ±1.50% ±0.70%
    SISCO-M5000 1000-5000μL 5000μL ±0.50%  ±0.15%  50μL 5000μL
    2500μL ±0.60% ±0.30%
    1000μL ±0.70% ±0.30%
    SISCO-M10000 2-10mL 10mL  ±0.60%  ±0.20%  0.1mL 10ml
    5mL ±1.20% ±0.30%
    2mL ±3.00%  ±0.60%



    Q1: What is a pipette?
    A1: A pipette (sometimes spelled as pipett) is a laboratory tool commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid, often as a media dispenser. Pipettes come in several designs for various purposes with differing levels of accuracy and precision, from single-piece glass pipettes to more complex adjustable or electronic pipettes. Many pipette types work by creating a partial vacuum above the liquid-holding chamber and selectively releasing this vacuum to draw up and dispense liquid. Measurement accuracy varies greatly depending on the instrument.

    Q2: What pipette is used for?
    A2: A pipette is a laboratory instrument used to measure out or transfer small quantities of liquid, in volumes of milliliters (mL), microliters (μL).

    Q3: Why pipette is the most accurate?
    A3: Although convenient and less time-consuming to use, graduated cylinders are considered to lack precision due to their large meniscus when compared to pipettes. The long, narrow, and slender neck of the volumetric pipette make it easier to measure and read the meniscus very precisely.

    Tips: What is a single-channel micropipette?

    A micropipette is a common but essential laboratory instrument used to accurately and precisely transfer volumes of liquids in the microliter range. Single-channel pipettes have a single tip that aspirates or dispenses very precise levels of liquid through a disposable tip. They can be used for a variety of applications within laboratories with only small volumes. Micropipettes are available in single-channel and multi-channel types.


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    What is covered?

    SISCO is responsible for providing free spare parts, and free technical support to assist the customer to repair the defective products until the problem is solved.

    What is not covered?

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    • Damage from modification or incorporation into other products.
    • Damage from repair or replacement of warranted parts by a service provider other than a SISCO authorized service provider.
    • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.
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    Thalassa | 11/26/2023 5:29 PM
    Smooth Plunger Movement
    A smooth and consistent plunger movement ensures easy and controlled aspiration and dispensing of liquids. This feature contributes to the accuracy of pipetting and minimizes the risk of sample loss.
    Seth | 9/19/2023 7:42 PM
    Reduced risk of cross-contamination
    Single-channel micropipettes often have an optimised design that reduces the risk of cross-contamination between samples. This is important to avoid interference in experiments and accuracy of results.
    Designed to provide highly accurate volume delivery, these micropipettes are particularly useful for experiments that require accurate dispensing of liquids, such as PCR, RNA/DNA extraction and quantitative analysis.
    Cardinet | 4/6/2023 11:40 PM
    Easy to carry
    I like this single channel volume micropipette very much. The most important thing is that it is small and easy to carry. It's very helpful in my experiment. I will buy it again.
    Chobby | 3/6/2023 6:45 PM
    Worth the money
    It has been two months since I bought this micropipette. This pipette is accurate and easy to calibrate. We check it everyday and satisfied with the accuracy. Worth the money.