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    Split Core Current Transformer, 10A AC, 80mm x 20mm

    Buy online split core current transformer for detecting AC leakage current, range 0.000mA~10A AC, jaw size 80mm x 20mm, AC leakage sensor with split CT structure, which can be installed without disconnecting the circuit under test.
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    10A AC split core current transformer CT size 80x 20mm, ratio 1000:1, other ranges, turns ratio, output interface can be customized. sisco leakage sensor is able to accurately test the weak current of 1 microamp, especially suitable for lightning arrester, and insulator leakage current online testing.

    Split core current sensor 80mm

    CT double shielding technology, strong anti-interference ability

    • The split core current transformer adopts CT double-layer shielding technology, with super anti-interference ability.
    • High test stability and accuracy, fearless of complex interference environments, and can accurately test the weak current of 1 microamp.
    • Open-close structure, no need to disconnect the line under test, especially suitable for online installation. Non-contact measurement is convenient, fast, and safe.
    • The range of the sensor turns ratio, output interface, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements.


    High-precision split current transformers are an indispensable accessory for small, medium, and large electronic companies. The sisco slip current transformer is suitable for use in power equipment testing, communications and telecommunications, railway and oilfield monitoring, building and construction companies, research and teaching units, industrial and mining records, and other fields.  

    Clamp-on current transformer applications

    Model SISCO-ETCR080KU
    Measurement Range 0.000mA~10A AC
    CT Size 80mm x 20mm
    Resolution 1uA AC
    Accuracy Class 0.5
    Turn Ratio 1000:1
    Phase Error ≤1°
    Secondary load ≤15Ω
    Dimension 165mm (L)×88mm (W)×34mm (H)
    Detection Method Clamp CT 
    Output Method Current Sensing Output
    Output Interface 3P plug-in terminal block
    Frequency 10Hz~100KHz
    Wire Position The wire under test is in the centre of the jaws
    Security Level   CATⅢ600V
    Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°
    Dielectric Strength AC3700V/rms (between core and case)
    Mass 820g


    Dimension Unit (mm)

    Split core current transformer 80mm dimension


    Q1: What is a split-core current transformer?
    A1: Split core current transformer is made of high strength PVC shell, fully cast busbar type structure. a split core current transformer is directly stuck on the cable with three sexual rubber rings against the cable and the cable one. The transformer core uses better silicon steel rolled, the secondary wire evenly wound in the core. Transformers for the open and closed structures can be installed without cutting the cable.

    Q2: What is the meaning of the circles of the split core current transformer?
    A2: On electrical system diagrams, a small circle is often used to represent a winding, and a circle is used to represent a winding. If you have two circles in a series, that means that the open and closed current transformer has two windings. If you have three circles in a series, that means you have three windings.

    Q3: What is a split core current transformer error?
    A3: Due to the structure of the split core current transformer core and material properties, the current transformer has an excitation current I0, which makes it produces errors.

    Tips: What is the split-core current transformer used for?

    • Current measurement, monitoring, and protection of electrical wiring and equipment.
    • Current and power measurement of motors for lighting, air compressors for heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning equipment, and automation control systems.
    • Current power and energy monitoring devices.
    • Relay protectors.

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