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    Wifi Smoke Detector, Wired Fire Alarm

    sisco wired networking fire alarm with wifi function. Smoke detector adopts specially designed infrared light sensor, stable and reliable, high sensitivity. The smoke alarm has a built-in metal shield, which can effectively prevent other RF signals from interfering, suitable for community, bar, library and other places.
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    The wired smoke detector with wifi function adopts an advanced SMI manufacturing process, which ensures the stability, durability, sensitivity and service life of the product. The wired fire alarm has an alarm function, when the smoke around the detector reaches the set alarm concentration, the detector quickly reports the alarm.



    Wifi smoke detector appearance

    Wifi smoke detector, wired fire alarm details

    1. Sensor: Infrared light sensor
    2. Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
    3. Operating humidity: ≤95%RH
    4. Detection angle: 360° 
    5. Detection area: 20 square meters 
    6. Alarm mode: Network output, LED indication alarm
    Wifi smoke detector installation

    Wifi smoke detector, wired fire alarm features

    • Automatic reset
    • High sensitivity sensors
    • Wired connection
    • Network output/LED indication alarm
    • Alarm output N.C/N.O optional
    • Manufactured by SMT process with high stability
    • Unique structural design, dust-proof, insect-proof, and interference-proof


    Smoke detectors are widely used in many places, such as hotels, shopping malls, residences, hospitals, schools, libraries, computer rooms, factories, companies and so on.

    Wifi smoke detector applications

    Model  sisco-BRJ-301L
    Working Voltage  DC 9V-35V   
    Working Current  ≤2mA (DC 12V)
    Alarm Current  ≤10mA (DC 12V)
    Alarm Indication  LED indication alarm
    Sensor  Infrared light sensor
    Working Temperature -10°C~50°C
    WorkingHumidity  ≤95%RH 
    Alarm Output   Normally open/closed, contact DC28V, 100mA
    Sensitivity   2.06%ft±1.3%ft
    Installation   Ceiling
    Product Size     104*50mm
    Weight 0.5kg

    Q1: What is a smoke detector?
    A1: A smoke detector is a device that senses the presence of smoke or other potentially harmful gases in the air and emits a loud alarm to alert people to a potential fire or danger.

    Q2: How does a smoke detector work?
    A2: Smoke detectors typically use one of two primary technologies: ionization or photoelectric. Ionization detectors use a small amount of radioactive material to ionize the air between two electrically charged plates, while photoelectric detectors use a light beam that is scattered by smoke particles.

    Q3: Are there smart smoke detectors available?
    A3: Yes, smart smoke detectors are available that can connect to your Wi-Fi network and send alerts to your smartphone. They often offer remote monitoring and integration with other smart home devices.

    Tips: How to install a wired wifi smoke detector?
    Generally, it needs to be installed in the central position of the ceiling. If mounted on a wall, the distance from the ceiling should be kept at least 15cm.


    Thank you for buying industrial test and measurement equipment on, all products sold by SISCO and the partner cover a 12 months warranty, effective from the date of receiving the products.

    What is covered?

    SISCO is responsible for providing free spare parts, and free technical support to assist the customer to repair the defective products until the problem is solved.

    What is not covered?

    • Product purchased from anyone other than a SISCO store or a SISCO authorized reseller.
    • Expendable parts.
    • Routine cleaning or normal cosmetic and mechanical wear.
    • Damage from misuse, abuse or neglect.
    • Damage from use of parts other than SISCO approved.
    • Damage from use outside the product’s usage or storage parameters.
    • Damage from use of parts not sold by SISCO.
    • Damage from modification or incorporation into other products.
    • Damage from repair or replacement of warranted parts by a service provider other than a SISCO authorized service provider.
    • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.
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