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    3 Phase Relay Tester, Microcomputer Control

    sisco 3 phase relay protection tester kit with microcomputer control, large LCD display, standard 4-phase voltage 3-phase current output, high-resolution, high degree of automation, real-time storage of test data, reliable and comprehensive protection measures, powerful software.
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    Protection relay test set adopts standard 4 phase voltage 3 phase current output with large-screen LCD, complete interface. This relay tester has integrated single-chassis structure, rich contacts, input contact bit empty contact and 0~250V potential contact compatible, intelligent automatic identification.


    • 3 phase protection relay tester

      Meet all requirements for field testing. The microcomputer controll relay tester can simultaneously output standard six-phase current and six-phase voltage, each phase current is 30A, and each phase voltage is 125V. A parallel six-phase current can achieve 180A current. The relay protection tester can not only test traditional relays and protection devices, but also test the protection of modern microcomputer-based protection devices, especially the transformers of the standby power supply and the automatic switching devices. Testing has become more convenient and perfect.
    • A host with embedded high-performance IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) can run independently with its 300-600MHz clock speed, 128M memory, 6-12G hard disk and Windows XP operating system. The TFT true color display measures 8.4 inches and has a resolution of 800 x 600. Therefore, the overall operation of the main unit becomes convenient and durable.
    • Three phase protection relay test set has a GPS synchronization test function with an embedded sync card (matching), which can access the PC through the RS232 interface, so it can be synchronized by switching two testers at different locations.
    • The relay tester is equipped with independent special DC power, with auxiliary voltage source output, its output voltage is 110V (1A), 220V (0.6A), respectively, to meet the DC relay or protection device 5, the tester has software the automatic adjustment function can achieve the calibration accuracy without opening the cabinet adjustment potentiometer, which greatly improves the stability of the precision.

    3 phase protection relay tester details

    3 phase relay protection tester details

    1. UA, UB, UC, UN, UX voltage output terminals for, including UX is a multifunctional voltage items, can set to four 3 U0 or the same period, or any voltage by a voltage value of output.
    2. IA, IB, IC, IN for current output terminals, the current terminals (IA, IB, IC) on the right side of the small lights instructions which current output waveform distortion or whether there is open load.
    3. Switch input terminals, idle contact and 0-250 V potential compatible input, all 8 road, is for the public end.
    4. LCD display.
    5. Rotate the mouse controller, should set all of the test data and process control all by its completion.
    6. ▲, ▼ button, test status, each as a, each according to its variables set by the step length add, subtract 1 step quantity. In the setting of data, each as a revised, the number of add, subtract 10.
    7. Power switch.
    8. Connection PC communications mouth.


    sisco relay tester is mainly used for 3 phase protection relay testing in electric power industry, transformer substation and ship industry, etc.

    Relay protection tester application

    AC Current Output Model SISCO-RT702A
    Phase 3 Phase
    Power Supply 220V 50Hz
    AC Current Output (Effective Value) 0~40A
    Output Precision 0.2 Degree
    3 Phase Parallel Current Output (Effective Value) 0~120A
    A Long-Time Phase Current 10A
    Maximum Output Power of Phase Current 450VA
    Maximum Output Power of 3 Parallel Current 900VA
    Maximum Permitted Work time of 3 Parallel Current 10S
    Frequency Range (Fundamental) 0~1000Hz
    DC Current Output Harmonic Time 0~20
    Current Output 0~±10A/Phase, 0~±30A/3 Parallel
    AC Voltage Output Output Precision 0.5 Degree
    Phase Voltage Output (Effective Value) 0~120V
    Output Precision 0.2 Degree
    Line Voltage Output (Effective Value) 0~240V
    Phase Voltage/Line Phase Output Power 80VA/100VA
    Frequency Range (Fundamental) 0~1000Hz
    Harmonic Time 0~20
    DC Voltage Output Phase Voltage Output Range 0~±160V
    Output Precision 0.5 Degree
    Line Voltage Output Range 0~±320V
    Phase Voltage/Line Phase Output Power 70VA/140VA
    10 Path Digital Input and 8 Path Digital Output Time Measuring Range 0.1ms~9999s, Accuracy of measurement 0.1ms
    Applications 3 Phase Protection Relay Testing
    Dimensions 370*570*740mm
    Weight 44kg

    Q1: What is a relay tester?
    A1: Relay tester is an important test tool to ensure the safe and reliable operation of power system. With the continuous expansion of the scale of modern power systems and the continuous improvement of the reliability and efficiency requirements of power system operation and management, the testing work of relay protection personnel has become more frequent and complex. The relay protection tester uses a high-performance industrial computer as the control computer, and directly runs the Windows operating system. The back panel of the device is provided with USB ports, network ports, serial communication ports, etc., which can facilitate data access, data communication and software upgrades.

    Q2: What are the functions of protection relay tester?
    A2: Protection relay tester needs to be able to respond to the faults and abnormal actions of electrical equipment, and can automatically, quickly and selectively act on the circuit breaker, remove the faulty device from the system, and ensure that the faulty device continues to work. And limit the incident to a minimum, improve the reliability of the system operation, and maximize the safety of the user's connection to the power supply. The role of relay test equipment is the role of automation equipment. "Normal" and "abnormal" operating conditions must be in the correct zone, as well as "external faults" and "internal faults" of the components to be maintained to complete the relay. Electrical maintenance function. Therefore, changes in various physical quantities reflected under various conditions can be detected and identified.

    Q3: What are the advantages of relay tester?
    A3: The relay protection tester has various forms in the output of current intensity, which can meet the characteristics of actual field experiments. Relay test set is not only compatible with each traditional experimental method, but also can easily carry out three-phase transformer differential protection experiments and factory power fast switching and standby self-switching experiments. Its powerful software functions can realize a variety of high-level automation technology, and large and medium-sized complex verification work. It also has the characteristics of its high-performance host and flexible output of current intensity, which greatly improves the detection production efficiency. Not only its real-time data digital signal processing ability is strong, and the operation speed is faster, but also the output waveform of the instrument equipment has high precision, small frame loss and good linearity. The function of the relay protection tester is to check whether the operation of the comprehensive relay can work normally, in order to verify the technicians find the problem early, and then deal with it in a timely manner to protect the normal operation of the overall power system.

    Tips for using protection relay tester

    1. When we start the relay tester, we need to warm up for 2 minutes. After shutting down, we should wait at least 1 minute before turning it on, otherwise it will damage the tester and cause the instrument to work abnormally.
    2. We should ensure that the built-in test program of the tester is completed, and the power amplifier and DSP ready lights are on before starting the test.
    3. The Protection relay tester should be waterproof and dustproof. It should be placed in a clean and dust-free place during the construction of the power station. When not in use, it should be carefully placed in the instrument box. When cleaning the surface of the instrument, turn off the power and wipe it carefully with a damp cloth.
    4. The LCD screen on the test panel is a precision glass product, which should be used and handled with care to avoid heavy pressure and collision, otherwise it will cause damage and failure. The instrument and computer should be handled with care and managed by a special person.

    Thank you for buying industrial test and measurement equipment on, all products sold by SISCO and the partner cover a 12 months warranty, effective from the date of receiving the products.

    What is covered?

    SISCO is responsible for providing free spare parts, and free technical support to assist the customer to repair the defective products until the problem is solved.

    What is not covered?

    • Product purchased from anyone other than a SISCO store or a SISCO authorized reseller.
    • Expendable parts.
    • Routine cleaning or normal cosmetic and mechanical wear.
    • Damage from misuse, abuse or neglect.
    • Damage from use of parts other than SISCO approved.
    • Damage from use outside the product’s usage or storage parameters.
    • Damage from use of parts not sold by SISCO.
    • Damage from modification or incorporation into other products.
    • Damage from repair or replacement of warranted parts by a service provider other than a SISCO authorized service provider.
    • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.
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    Eamon1997 | 11/26/2023 5:57 PM
    Versatile and dependable
    After using a variety of relay testers, the three phase relay tester with microcomputer control stands out for its versatility and reliability. The microcomputer control allows precise customization of test parameters for a wide range of relay types and applications. This tester has become an integral part of our test program and I am confident of its ability to meet the needs of our various projects.
    Oisin | 11/23/2023 11:06 PM
    Automated Test Sequences
    The ability to program automated test sequences streamlines the testing process, reducing the need for manual intervention. This is particularly beneficial for repetitive testing scenarios and contributes to overall testing efficiency.
    Seth | 9/19/2023 7:50 PM
    Good shopping experience
    The test results from this relay tester are very accurate. I especially like its high reliability and stable operation in both lab and field testing. I also received excellent customer service during the purchase process. The seller provided prompt delivery and responded promptly to my questions and concerns. This made me feel very satisfied.
    Michelle | 2/27/2023 5:53 PM
    Good relay tester!
    Fast delivery! This 3-phase relay tester is affordable, It is controlled by a microcomputer and can be automatically identified. The tester with big LCD display, high resolution, and a high degree of automation. Highly recommended!!!