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    Blog posts of '2023' 'November'

    What is a Phase Tester?
    Phase Testers, also known as Phase Sequence Testers or Phase Rotation Testers, are electrical testing devices used to determine the phase sequence (order) and phase rotation (direction) of the voltage in a three-phase electrical system. Phase rotation and sequence are critical factors in ensuring the proper and safe operation of motors, machinery, and electrical equipment in three-phase systems.
    How to Use a High Voltage Tester?
    Using a high-voltage tester safely and effectively is crucial when working with high-voltage electrical systems. High-voltage testers are typically used to measure voltage levels beyond what standard voltage testers can handle. These testers are often used in industrial, utility, and power distribution settings. sisco will show you how to use it.
    How Does a Nuclear Radiation Detector Work?
    A nuclear radiation detector is an instrument used to detect and measure the levels of nuclear radiation present in the environment, using different detection techniques to capture and quantify the presence and activity of radioactive particles. The working principle of a nuclear radiation detector varies depending on its type, but they share the common goal of providing accurate radiation data to ensure human health and environmental safety. sisco shop will detail how a radiation detector works.
    Why Do We Need Oscilloscopes?
    Oscilloscopes, as the right hand of engineers, scientists, and technicians, help to observe, measure, and analyze all kinds of electrical signals, providing important information that helps to solve problems, improve designs, and ensure the reliability of systems. sisco store will show you the importance of oscilloscopes as well as their future prospects.
    LCR Meter Price List
    An LCR meter, or an Inductance-Capacitance-Resistance meter, is a specialized electronic test instrument used for measuring the electrical properties of passive electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors. It is a valuable tool for electronics engineers, technicians, and scientists who work with electronic circuits and components. An LCR meter can provide precise measurements of various electrical parameters of components, helping to characterize their behavior and ensure they meet the desired specifications. 
    What are the Types of Nuclear Radiation Detectors?
    A nuclear radiation detector, also known as a nuclear radiation detection instrument or radiation measurement instrument, is a device used to detect and measure ionic radiation such as alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, and neutrons. These nuclear radiation detectors play an important role in a variety of fields, including nuclear energy, medical diagnosis and treatment, radiation monitoring, nuclear science research, and nuclear security. sisco online shop will go into detail about the different types of nuclear radiation detectors.
    How to Use a Volt Amp Meter?
    A Volt-Amp Meter (VAM), often referred to as a Power Meter or VA Meter, is a measuring instrument used to monitor and display electrical parameters in an electrical circuit. It combines the measurement of both voltage (in volts) and current (in amperes) and provides information about power (in watts) and apparent power (in volt-amperes). Volt-amp meters are commonly used in electrical engineering and electronics to assess the electrical characteristics of a circuit or device. They are handy for understanding power consumption and evaluating the efficiency of electrical systems. This article will tell you how to use a volt amp meter.
    What is a Temperature Controller?
    A thermostat is an automatic control device or electronic component that, based on changes in the ambient temperature of the operating environment, undergoes physical deformation within its interior. This deformation leads to the generation of specific effects, resulting in a series of actions to open or close circuits. These actions are carried out in response to temperature fluctuations. Thermostats, whether mechanical or electronic components, provide temperature data to the circuit based on their working principles at different temperatures, facilitating the collection of temperature data for the circuit.
    Oil Gauging Tape Price List
    The importance of oil gauging tapes a wide range of fields and industries, with far-reaching implications for production, safety, resource management, environmental protection, and energy sustainability. The price of an oil gauging tape will vary depending on factors such as size, material, accuracy, and brand. Below is a price list of oil gauging tape from the sisco shop for reference.
    What is a Nuclear Radiation Detector?
    Components that use ionization effects, luminescence, and physical or chemical changes induced by nuclear radiation in gases, liquids, or solids for the detection of nuclear radiation are called nuclear radiation detectors. To date, there are many types of nuclear radiation detectors for various applications, with different principles of operation. The information given by a nuclear radiation detector can directly or indirectly determine parameters such as the type, energy, intensity, or lifetime of nuclear radiation. sisco shop will present in detail the definitions, characteristics, fields of application, and importance of nuclear radiation detectors for the protection of mankind and the environment.