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    Oil Gauging Tape Price List

    The importance of oil gauging tapes a wide range of fields and industries, with far-reaching implications for production, safety, resource management, environmental protection, and energy sustainability. The price of an oil gauging tape will vary depending on factors such as size, material, accuracy, and brand. Below is a price list of oil gauging tape from the sisco shop for reference.

    Oil gauging tape is an indispensable piece of equipment for various industrial and scientific applications. Oil gauging tapes help to ensure effective management of liquid resources, control of production processes, safety, and environmental protection, as well as resource conservation and efficiency gains. Accurate liquid level monitoring helps to increase productivity, reduce risk, minimize resource waste, and ensure environmental sustainability. This makes oil gauging tape one of the indispensable technologies and tools in industry and science.

    sisco shop oil gauging tape price list


    Product Product Name SKU USD
    5m oil gauging tape 5m Oil Gauging Tape SISCO-OGT-5 77.95
    10m Oil Gauging Tape SISCO-OGT-10 82.37
    15m Oil Gauging Tape SISCO-OGT-15 89.36
    20m Oil Gauging Tape SISCO-OGT-20 96.72
    30m Oil Gauging Tape SISCO-OGT-30 100.26

    Note: The prices in the table are for reference only. If you need a discounted quote, please contact sisco.


    1. High Accuracy: Oil gauging tapes typically provide highly accurate level measurements, which is critical for many applications such as oil storage and chemical processes.
    2. Real-time Monitoring: Oil gauging tape with digitalization and IoT technology can provide real-time monitoring, enabling users to stay informed of liquid levels so they can take timely action.
    3. Remote Access: Some oil gauging tape can be accessed remotely via the Internet, allowing users to monitor and manage fluid levels from remote locations, increasing convenience and efficiency.
    4. Automated Control: Oil gauging tape can be integrated with automated control systems, making it possible to automate processes as needed, such as automatically supplying or removing fluids.
    5. Wide Range of Adaptations: Oil gauging tape can be adapted to a wide range of fluids, including different chemical compositions and temperatures, making them widely used in a variety of applications.
    6. Environmental Monitoring: Oil gauging tapes can be used to monitor the environmental impact of liquids, e.g. level monitoring plays a key role in environmental applications.


    • High Initial Investment Cost: Advanced oil gauging tapes usually require a high initial investment, including equipment acquisition, installation, and integration costs.
    • Maintenance Costs: Oil gauging tape require regular maintenance and calibration to ensure accuracy and reliability, which can incur additional costs.
    • Complexity: The installation and operation of some advanced oil gauging tape can be relatively complex, requiring specialized knowledge and skills.
    • Power Requirements: Some types of oil gauging tape require a power supply, which may not be suitable for remote or unavailable locations.
    • Vulnerability to the Environment: The performance of an oil gauging tape may be affected by inclement weather, pollution, and chemical corrosion, requiring additional protection and maintenance.
    • Unsuitable for Use in Small Vessels: The use of some advanced oil gauging tape in small vessels is impractical, as some advanced oil gauging tape are typically designed for use in large tanks and equipment.

    Oil gauging tape have obvious advantages in level measurement and monitoring, but they also come with some disadvantages such as cost and complexity that also need to be considered. Choosing the right type of oil gauging tape depends on specific application needs and environmental conditions to balance these advantages and disadvantages. When purchasing an oil gauging tape, it is important to consider the quality, accuracy, and materials to ensure that it meets the needs of the specific application. In addition, it is best to consult with multiple suppliers to get the best quote before purchasing. If you need help, can provide you with professional consulting services and high-quality Oil Gauging Ruler purchase service, welcome to visit us.

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