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    Handheld Metal Detector, 4-4.5 cm Sensitivity Distance

    High-quality handheld metal detector for sale online with the sensitivity distance 4-4.5 cm, detection surface of metal detector for 360° detection of all directions. Water resistant of metal detector to water depths of 5-8 meters. Sound & vibration mode, suitable for all occasions.
    SKU: SISCO-HMD-445
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    SISCO portable metal detector with a high brightness LED light, which can be used as a lighting tool in the case of insufficient light. The portable metal detector wand, lightweight design and comfortable handle grip make it easy for long-time use.

    Detail of 4-4.5cm handheld metal detector

    One-piece design

    • Dustproof and waterproof, suitable for use in more environments
    • Broader detection range and deeper detection depth
    • Good accuracy, strong resistance to attack
    Detail of 4-4.5cm handheld metal detector

    LED detection indicator

    • Easier detection, more convenient to use
    • Strong penetrating power
    • Easy to operate



    Detail of 4-4.5cm handheld metal detector


    Handheld metal detectors are designed to detect suspect items that contain metallic components, such as weapons or illicit contraband. The sisco portable metal detector is widely used in airports, subways, piers, high-speed rails, and meeting places.

    Handheld metall detector application



    Model SISCO-HS-08
    Working Environment -20 ℃-60 ℃
    Detection Method vibration/ sound alarm / vibration+sound alarm
    Power Supply 9V battery (not included)
    Sensitivity Distance 4-4.5 cm
    Waterproof Rating IP68
    Accessories detector, instruction manual, holster, missed rope
    Bearing of Detection 360°
    Dimension (L*W*H) 26*4*2.2 cm
    Color orange+green, orange+purple, black+green, black+pruple
    Depth of Water Resistance 8m
    Weight 1 kg

    Q1: Do handheld metal detectors work?
    A1: Handheld metal detectors are useful tools for a security guard that can be used in various settings, from airports to schools. These devices are designed to detect the presence of metal, which makes them ideal for finding hidden metallic objects like weapons or other contraband.

    Q2: How deep can a handheld metal detector work?
    A2: Most metal detectors can detect objects about 4-8" (10 - 20 cm) deep. In ideal conditions, a mid-range metal detector can reach 12-18" (30-45 cm) underground. Some specialized detectors can go as deep as 65' (20 m).

    Q3: Will a metal detector find a diamond?
    A3: Metal detectors will not detect non-metal items such as gemstones, diamonds and pearls. What a metal detector can do is lead you to indicator minerals, which are used by prospectors.

    Tips: What will a metal detector not pick up?

    Metal detectors work on electromagnetism. This means that they send out electromagnetic fields and listen for any waves that come back from items with electrical conductivity.

    Metal detectors have a tough time detecting metals like stainless steel, which have very poor electrical conductivity. Stainless steel has low magnetic permeability, which means it does not produce a signal strong enough to be detected. Other items that metal detectors won’t be able to locate include:

    • Gemstones
    • Paper
    • Pearls
    • Bone
    • Stone figures



    Thank you for buying industrial test and measurement equipment on, all products sold by SISCO and the partner cover a 12 months warranty, effective from the date of receiving the products.

    What is covered?

    SISCO is responsible for providing free spare parts, and free technical support to assist the customer to repair the defective products until the problem is solved.

    What is not covered?

    • Product purchased from anyone other than a SISCO store or a SISCO authorized reseller.
    • Expendable parts.
    • Routine cleaning or normal cosmetic and mechanical wear.
    • Damage from misuse, abuse or neglect.
    • Damage from use of parts other than SISCO approved.
    • Damage from use outside the product’s usage or storage parameters.
    • Damage from use of parts not sold by SISCO.
    • Damage from modification or incorporation into other products.
    • Damage from repair or replacement of warranted parts by a service provider other than a SISCO authorized service provider.
    • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.
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    Loey | 8/16/2023 11:55 PM
    Used this metal detector on a dozen trips
    This handheld metal detector has cut my time. I half and easily locate small pieces of metal in the larger plugs I dig. I have used this on a dozen trips so far, put it in dirt, sand, and a few inches of water and it still performs perfectly.
    Veilleux | 3/24/2023 2:10 AM
    I am very happy with this purchase
    The metal detector is very accurate and has helped me to make some amazing discoveries on my metal detecting trips. The unit is also very light and easy to use, making it perfect for long metal detecting sessions.
    Jennie | 2/13/2023 12:38 AM
    Good metal detector
    I bought this metal detector to find the nails screw hidden in older wood. This handheld metal detector works great! It was extremely accurate looking for the nail under the wood.