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    Three Phase Digital Volt Amp Meter, Wireless, 2V~700V, 0.001A~20A

    3 phase volt amp meter, wireless, 2V~700V voltage range, 0.001A~20A current range and 0°~360° phase range, automatic measurement, simple and fast operation, accurate and reliable. The digital volt ampere meter can perform wireless phase verification and test current, voltage, phase, etc. at different locations in the substation, widely used in electrical equipment manufacturing, petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, railway electrification, scientific research and teaching and other departments.
    SKU: SISCO-VAM-7203W
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    3 phase digital volt amp meter, wireless, can perform wireless phase identification and test current, voltage, phase, etc. at different locations in the substation, with a 5-inch touch color screen, large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, data storage and query, USB interface data upload and other functions. High precision volt-ampere meter has 2V~700V voltage range, 0.001A~20A current range and 0°~360° phase range, automatic measurement, simple and quick operation, accurate and reliable, widely used in electrical equipment manufacturing, petrochemical, iron metallurgy, railway Electrification, scientific research and teaching, etc.

    3 phase volt amp meter

    3 Phase Volt Amp Meter, Wireless, Max. Current 20A, Max. Voltage 700V, Φ8mm CT size, USB interface for uploading the data.

    • sisco 3 phase volt amp meter provides a variety of measurement modes, can be single-phase, two-phase and three-phase measurement mode, Three-phase 4-wire and three-phase 3-wire measurement mode.
    • The measuring personnel only need the wiring operation, the voltammeter automatic measurement, and real-time update data, which is convenient for field analysis.
    • The meter adopts complete isolation technology to avoid safety accidents.
    • High precision multi 3 phase volt amp meter is available with a touch color screen, easy and convenient operation, large capacity lithium battery, USB interface, data upload function and so on.

    Details3 phase volt amp meter details


    Wireless 3 phase digital volt amp meters can directly measure AC voltage, AC current, between two voltages, between two currents, and the phase between voltage and current and power frequency. sisco volt amp meters are suitable for electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway, meteorology, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, measurement departments, etc., especially for electric energy billing systems and relay protection systems.

    Volt amp meter applications

    Model SISCO-VAM-4480
    Power Supply DC7.4V, 5200mAH rechargeable lithium battery
    Communication Mode Wireless LORA (230MHz)
    Wireless Communication Distance 1Km (in the open area)
    Function Option Touch screen option
    Display Mode 5 inch touch color screen
    LCD Size 108X65mm
    Host Size 210mmx129mmx68mm
    Weight Meter: 870g; Total weight: 4000g (with the package)
    Test Line Two of each yellow, green, red, and black voltage test line
    Current Clamp Clamp jaw size φ8mm (3pcs)
    Data Storage 1000 groups
    Data Upload USB interface, tester record data can be uploaded to computer, and can export the EXCEL format
    Battery Voltage Battery power indicator display, battery voltage lower than 10% remind to charge in time
    Automatic Shutdown 15 minutes after power on, will automatic shutdown without any operation. Before shutdown will reminder
    Working Time Continue working time is 12 hours when full charge.
    Power Consumption Working(backlight 50mA): 320mA
    Working Condition Temperature: -20~50℃; Relative humidity: 0~95%HR without condensation
    Accessories Handle terminal meter:2PCS; Current clamp sensor: 6PCS; Test line: 8PCS;Charger:2PCS; USB communication cable: 2PCS;  Meter case:1PC

    Range and Accuracy

    Measurement Type Measurement Range Accuracy Resolution
    Voltage 2V~700V ±0.3%Fs 0.0001V
    Current 0.001A-20A ±0.3%Fs 0.0001A
    Phase 0°~360° ±1° 0.1°
    Frequency 45Hz~65Hz ±0.03Hz 0.0001Hz
    Harmonic 2~21 times - -
    Active Power 0.002W~14000W ±0.3%Fs 0.0001W
    Reactive Power 0.002VAR~14000VAR ±0.3%Fs 0.0001VAR
    Apparent power Range 0.002VA~14000VA ±0.3%Fs 0.0001VAR
    PT Secondary Admittance 1.0mS~100mS ±0.5%Fs 0.0001mS
    CT Secondary Impedance 0.1Ω~50Ω ±0.5%Fs 0.0001Ω

    Wiring Methods

    3 phase volt amp meter wiring


    Q1: What is a volt amp meter?
    A1: A digital volt amp meter is a high-precision, low-consumption, low-cost, portable, handheld, dual-channel input measuring instrument, specially designed for measuring voltage, current and phases on-site.

    Q2: How a volt amp meter works?
    A2: The volt-ampere meter adopts the clamp conversion method to input the measured current, so there is no need to disconnect the measured line during measurement. When measuring the phase between U1-U2, the two input circuits are completely insulated and isolated, thus completely avoiding the short circuit of the measured line caused by miswiring and burning the measuring instrument. This is the working principle of volt ammeters.

    Q3: What can a volt amp meter do?
    A3: When the circuit under test is not open, the volt ammeter can simultaneously measure two AC voltages, currents, phases between voltages, phases between currents, phases between voltages and currents, frequency, phase sequence, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, etc., the volt amp meter can also identify the transformer wiring group, inductive and capacitive circuits, test the secondary circuit and bus differential protection system, read the phase relationship between the CTs of the differential protection groups, and check the watt-hour meter wiring and line equipment.

    Tips: Phase relationship between voltage and current

    The phase difference of voltage and current depends on the nature of the load, and the voltage and current of a purely resistive load are in phase. The current phase is a physical quantity that reflects the state of alternating current at any moment. The magnitude and direction of alternating current change with time. Phase voltmeters are used to measure the phase between voltage and current.


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    • Damage from modification or incorporation into other products.
    • Damage from repair or replacement of warranted parts by a service provider other than a SISCO authorized service provider.
    • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.
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