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    100 kV 5 kVA AC DC Automatic Hipot Tester

    Automatic AC DC hipot tester for sale, 5 kVA capacity, 100 kV output voltage, LCD display, with micro thermal printing function, easy to use. Measure the leakage current of DC high voltage side (0-140kV), a DC milliammeter with a range of 0-1.999ma can be selected.
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    Automatic AC DC hipot tester is a power supply equipment, a variety of electrical products and insulating tools material strength test necessary equipment, light weight, small volume, beautiful shape, stable performance, easy to use and carry, especially suitable for field operation.

    Hipot tester detail

    The coil is formed by vacuum-casting epoxy resin

    • The magnetic flux leakage is effectively weakened, and the dielectric strength and moisture resistance are improved.
    • The new type of coil epoxy vacuum casting and CD-type iron core technology has a compact structure and no oil leakage.
    Top of hipot tester

    Small size, light weight and compact structure

    • Good safety and reliability, beautiful appearance
    • Simple and intuitive wiring, easy to use

    Panel Descriptions

    Hipot tester panel descriptions

    • There are miniature thermal printers in AC and DC high voltage test equipment. Press the print button on the panel to print out the results.
    • The contrast of the LCD display can be adjusted.
    • Turn on the indicator light, which will light up when the test starts.
    • Zero indicator light. When the voltage regulator is at the zero position, this lamp will light.
    • Alarm indicator. When a fault or protective action occurs, the light is on.
    • LCD screen, 320X240 dot matrix, white backlight.
    • The wiring diagram, refer to the wiring diagram for AC and DC testing.
    • Keyboard, interactive terminal between user and device.
    • Buzzer, sound alarm.
    • An emergency stop button, press this button to cut off the power and end.


    sisco hipot tester has a small size, lightweight, compact structure, full functionality, easy to use, and other characteristics. Hipot tester performance can meet the user's various special requirements sector, a variety of high-voltage electrical equipment, electrical components, and insulation materials for frequency withstand voltage test and DC leakage test, is an essential instrument in the high-voltage test.

    Hipot tester applications


    Control Module Specifications

    Model SISCO-YDJ-5100A
    Capacity 5 kVA
    Input Voltage AC 110V/120V/220V
    Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
    Output Voltage 0-200V
    Output Current 0-25A
    Weight 31 kg
    Size 500mm*390mm*460mm
    Timing Range 0-999S
    Ambient Temperature -20℃~50℃
    Voltage Accuracy ≤1% (F.S)
    Currency Accuracy ≤1% (F.S)

    Test Transformer (HV Unit) Specifications

    Capacity 5kVA
    LV Side Voltage 0-200V
    LV Side Current 0-25A
    HV Side Voltage AC 0-100kV, DC 0-140kV(negative)
    HV Side Current AC 50mA
    Weight 104 kg
    Size 1100mm*450mm*460mm
    Measuring Voltage AC 0-100V
    HV side/LV side turns ratio 250:1

    AC Test Wiring Diagram

    AC test wiring diagram

    DC Test Wiring Diagram

    DC test wiring diagram

    CM: Control box              
    TT: Test transformer
    WR: Water resistance            
    TO: Test object
    GM: Diode

    Packing List

    NO. Description Quantity
    1 Hipot Test Set (1 Control Box + 10 kVA Dry Transformer) 1
    2 Power Supply Cable 1
    3 Earth Cable 1
    4 Connecting Line 1
    5 Fuse 3
    6 Rectifying Diode 1
    7 User Manual 1

    Q1: What is hipot tester?
    A1: AC-DC test transformer, using advanced production equipment, using the coil winding epoxy vacuum casting and CD-type core of the new technology, and similar products compared to oil-immersed transformers, significantly reduce the weight, reduce the volume, in quality to improve the insulation strength and resistance to moisture degree, and effectively weaken the leakage of magnetic and greatly enhance the transformer to withstand the impact of test short-circuit current capacity.

    Q2: Is high voltage testing destructive?
    A2: Hipot (or high potential testing) is a non-destructive test that goes by many names: overvoltage testing, dielectric breakdown testing, dielectric withstand testing, or insulation resistance testing. Some of all of these tests are designed to make sure that the insulation materials used in your motor are doing their job.

    Q3: What is the difference between the hipot and the Megger?
    A3: Both instruments apply a relatively high voltage to the insulator and absorb leakage current through the insulator commensurate with its insulation characteristics and condition. However, the megohmmeter gives the operator a measured value, while the hipot acts.

    Tips: What is AC DC hipot tester?

    AC DC hipot tester is a special instrumentation for field measurement, both DC high voltage and AC high voltage measurement, the whole device consists of two parts: voltage divider and measuring instrument. Voltage divider using balanced equipotential screen structure, the use of top electronic components inside the completely sealed insulation, and make the whole device with accurate testing, good linearity, stable performance, reasonable structure, easy to carry, simple operation, display intuitive characteristics, so it is the ideal instrument for field measurement.


    Thank you for buying industrial test and measurement equipment on, all products sold by SISCO and the partner cover a 12 months warranty, effective from the date of receiving the products.

    What is covered?

    SISCO is responsible for providing free spare parts, and free technical support to assist the customer to repair the defective products until the problem is solved.

    What is not covered?

    • Product purchased from anyone other than a SISCO store or a SISCO authorized reseller.
    • Expendable parts.
    • Routine cleaning or normal cosmetic and mechanical wear.
    • Damage from misuse, abuse or neglect.
    • Damage from use of parts other than SISCO approved.
    • Damage from use outside the product’s usage or storage parameters.
    • Damage from use of parts not sold by SISCO.
    • Damage from modification or incorporation into other products.
    • Damage from repair or replacement of warranted parts by a service provider other than a SISCO authorized service provider.
    • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.
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    vivi | 9/4/2023 1:03 AM
    AC and DC automatic harmonic tester, test efficiency is greatly improved
    This 100 kV 5 kVA AC DC Automatic Harmonic Tester is simply amazing. For me in the power industry, this device is indispensable. First of all, it is very easy to operate, even for the less technically savvy. Secondly, its performance is outstanding and its reliability is unrivaled, giving me complete peace of mind. The ability of this tester to accurately measure harmonics is a great help in analyzing power quality. Moreover, its compact design makes it easy to carry and store.