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    Blog posts of '2023' 'March'

    What are the Tips For Installing Magnetic Flow Meter?
    A magnetic flow meter is a type of flow meter that measures the flow rate of a liquid or slurry by measuring the voltage generated when the liquid flows through a magnetic field. We should not only know what the electromagnetic type flow meter is, but also have some points to pay attention to when installing it. In the following, we will give you some tips about installing this type of flow meter.
    Thickness Gauge Basics
    A thickness gauge is an instrument used to measure the thickness of materials and objects. It is often used in industrial production to continuously or sample the thickness of products (such as steel plates, steel strips, films, paper, metal foils, etc.). There are many types of thickness gauges, including coating thickness gauges, radioactive thickness gauges, ultrasonic thickness gauges, eddy current thickness gauges, and thickness gauges that use the principle of mechanical contact measurement.
    Coating Thickness Gauge vs. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    Coating thickness gauges and ultrasonic thickness gauges are both instruments used to measure the thickness of objects, but coating thickness gauges and ultrasonic thickness gauges have many differences in the measurement process, such as measurement objects, measurement thickness and other factors. Below, SISCO will briefly introduce the differences between coating thickness gauges and ultrasonic thickness gauges.
    What is a Pull Push Gauge?
    The push-pull gauge has high resolution and high precision and can see three measurement units of N, Kgf, and LBF at the same time. The push-pull gauge has good operability and cooperates with the test machine. The push-pull force gauge is a mechanical measuring instrument for thrust and pulls tests, and it is widely used in High and low-voltage electrical appliances, electronics, hardware locks, auto parts, pens, light industry, construction, fishing gear, textiles, chemicals, machinery, IT and other industries and scientific research institutions for tension and compression load, insertion force test, destructive test, etc. It is a new generation of digital tension and pressure testing equipment.