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    What is a Pull Push Gauge?

    The push-pull gauge has high resolution and high precision and can see three measurement units of N, Kgf, and LBF at the same time. The push-pull gauge has good operability and cooperates with the test machine. The push-pull force gauge is a mechanical measuring instrument for thrust and pulls tests. It is a new generation of digital tension and pressure testing equipment.

    Push pull gauge

    What is a push-pull gauge?

    The push-pull gauge is a thrust and pulls testing instrument, which is a mechanical measuring instrument. Through the mechanical sensor, the measured push-pull force is displayed as N, Kgf, and LBF units for the user to directly read the classification of the push-pull gauge.
    Compared with the traditional electronic dynamometer, the measurement method of the push-pull dynamometer is more user-friendly, that is, a hook is hung at the lower position of the dynamometer, and an object of corresponding weight is hung at the lower position, and then lifted up, Use this method to determine where you can improve, which is somewhat similar to the arm strength and foot strength trainers in the gym.

    The push-pull force gauge has a 6-digit large-screen display, backlight function, LCD liquid crystal display flip function, automatic shutdown time setting function, six test modes, three display modes to choose from, N (Newton), kg (kg), lb (pound) three measurement units are available, mutual conversion, peak hold, data storage, data output, can set upper and lower limits, automatic peak function, etc.

    Features of a push-pull gauge

    1. Push-pull gauge, small size, hand-held design, easy to operate, and can be used in combination with various fixtures.
    2. The hand-held design has a digital display, which is convenient for reading and high test accuracy.
    3. Free switching between peak hold function and continuous load indication.
    4. Newton, kilogram, pound-force unit switching
    5. Upper and lower limit alarms.

    How to maintain the push-pull gauge?

    • Before using the push-pull gauge, first, check whether the battery voltage is normal. If it is Undervoltage, please charge it in time, otherwise, the measurement may be biased.
    • Do not use it while charging, so as not to cause inaccurate measurement accuracy of the instrument.
    • Estimate the size of the item to be measured, and choose a suitable instrument with a close range. If the measurement exceeds the range of the push-pull gauge, the sensor will be damaged.
    • Do not loosen the screws to fix the test head, as this will reduce the resolution.
    • At the same time, when the weather is humid in summer, attention should be paid to the storage environment of the push-pull gauge to avoid corrosion of the instrument.
    • In case of an accidental crash. Press the reset switch with a hard object to shut down the machine, and a reset button is arranged on the side of the push-pull gauge.
    • Do not drop, drop or collide with the instrument, or use it roughly and carelessly, as it is a precision measuring instrument and it will be damaged.

    The push-pull gauge is a mechanical measuring instrument used for thrust and pulls tests; it has a powerful digital display function, and the operation is simpler and more convenient. It is suitable for push and pulls load tests in industries such as electronic appliances, light industry textiles, architectural hardware, lighters, ignition devices, fire fighting equipment, pens, locks, fishing gear, power machinery, scientific research institutions, etc. For example: in the cosmetics industry, it is used to test the breaking force of hair; in the packaging industry, it is used to measure the strength of packaging materials such as tapes and films.


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