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    What is a Pull Push Gauge?
    The push-pull gauge has high resolution and high precision and can see three measurement units of N, Kgf, and LBF at the same time. The push-pull gauge has good operability and cooperates with the test machine. The push-pull force gauge is a mechanical measuring instrument for thrust and pulls tests, and it is widely used in High and low-voltage electrical appliances, electronics, hardware locks, auto parts, pens, light industry, construction, fishing gear, textiles, chemicals, machinery, IT and other industries and scientific research institutions for tension and compression load, insertion force test, destructive test, etc. It is a new generation of digital tension and pressure testing equipment.
    How to Use a Push Pull Gauge?
    The push-pull gauge is a mechanical measuring instrument used for push and pulls tests. The push-pull force gauge is suitable for push-pull load tests in industries such as electronic appliances, light industry textiles, construction hardware, lighters and ignition devices, fire-fighting equipment, pens, locks, fishing gear, power machinery, scientific research institutions, etc.