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Digital Gas Flow Meter for Air/Oxygen/Nitrogen

Portable digital display flow meter for sale, flow range 0~20L/min (DN6mm), 0~100L/min (DN8mm) and 0~250L/min (DN12mm), high accuracy, designed for air, compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, CO² and other non-reactive gases.
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Small portable gas flow meter with digital display, flow range 0~20L/min, high sensitivity, good repeatability, can accurately track the flow rate, widely used in mechanical and electrical, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Digital display flow meter

No temperature compensation required

  • Sensing chip using thermal mass flow measurement, to ensure the flowmeter's high precision metering.
  • Digital gas flow meter full range of high stability, high accuracy, and excellent repeatability.
Gas flow meter flexible output

Flexible output

  • Active upload via communication interface Data.
  • Digital gas flow meter allows field configuration of the flow meter parameters with the keypad.


Gas flow meters are widely used in the petrochemical, natural gas industries, environmental protection, energy measurement, modern agriculture, water conservancy construction, biological engineering, pipeline transportation, aerospace, scientific experiments, and other fields.

Digital gas flow meter applications

Model SISCO-MF5706 SISCO-MF5708 SISCO-MF5712
Flow Range 0~20L/min 0~100 L/min 0~250 L/min
Power Supply 4 AA batteries (LR6) or 5-24V DC
Power Adapter Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, Output: 7V DC, 0.2A
Power Consumption ≤10mW
Signal Output * RS 485 (Optional)
Display LCD
Display Unit Instantaneous flow rate: L/min, Flow accumulation: m3
Instantaneous Flow Resolution 0.01 L/min
Flow Accumulation Resolution 0.001 m3
Working Pressure ≤0.8MPa
Pressure Loss ≤600Pa ≤1000Pa ≤2000Pa
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +55℃
Keyboard 3 keys
User Interface miniUSB port (This interface is connected to the power adapter for power supply, power cable is 0.5m, and it can also be used as a connection interface for 485 communication.)
Calibration Air @20℃, 101.325kPa
DN 6mm 8mm 12mm
Mechanical Connection NPT 1/4" NPT 3/8" NPT 1/2"
Weight 185g (Copper body) 270g (Aluminium alloy body) 350g (Aluminium alloy body)
Protection Class IP40
Gas * Air, N2, O2, Ar, CO2.
For other gases, please contact us.

Dimension (Unit: mm)

Digital gas flow meter dimension

Model L W D
SISCO-MF5706 67 40 NPT 1/4
SISCO-MF5712 98 50 NPT 1/2

Accessories (Optional)

Gas flow meter user interface cable


Q1: Can a digital gas flow meter have perfect accuracy?
A1: In an ideal world, the flow readings from your process meter would be exactly correct, without any type of deviation. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the errors inherent in measurement must always be identified, accounted for, and minimized as much as possible.

Q2: Does a digital gas flow meter need to be calibrated?
A2: During the production of a flow meter, several steps are required such as coil winding, lining processing, and electrode assembly. This series of operations can cause a certain amount of error and dispersion in the device, so a calibration process is required to correct the accuracy.

Q3: Do digital gas flow meters have temperature compensation?
A3: Yes. As long as these temperature variations are within the temperature compensation range, the output reading compensates for the temperature variations.

Tips: What affects magnetic flow meter measurement accuracy?

1. liquid to be tested contains bubbles.
2. The liquid to be measured is non-full in the pipe.
3. Short circuit effect of conductive sediments.
4. The liquid generates crystallization.
5. Liquid conductivity exceeds the allowable range.
6. Spatial electromagnetic disturbance.
7. Unsymmetrical flow of the fluid to be measured.
8. Vibration of the installation site affects the accuracy of flow meter.


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  • Damage caused by the application environment not meeting the product usage requirements and the failure to perform preventive maintenance.
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Omiga | 2/21/2023 5:33 PM
The digital gas flow meter works very well
I have been using the digital gas flow meter for a few months now and this meter has been a great addition to my industrial setup and I must say I am very pleased with its performance. The easy to read digital display makes tracking the flow accurately effortless.
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