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    Digital Magnetic Protractor, 360 Degree

    The practical digital magnetic protractor is a protractor, angle finder and level in one, with a large, clear, backlit display and a 360-degree view to help you work in dark conditions. Digital magnetic protractor is a great tool for the automotive, wood and machine industries, machinery, medical fields, etc.
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    Digital magnetic protractor with backlight display, four directions, high precision 360 degree complete measurement, protection class IP65, V-slot base 
    with powerful magnet can be firmly attached to curved or cylindrical magnetic surfaces, such as metal pipes or shafts.

    360 Degree digital magnetic protractor

    High precision 360-degree measurement

    • Digital magnetic protractor with a magnetic surface, easy to attach to metal surfaces.
    • Voice alert with 0° horizontal and 90° vertical beeping.
    • Waterproof IP65 for 30 minutes in the shower.
    • When the inclinometer is inverted, the LCD display will automatically flip up for easy reading.



    The digital protractor is widely used in railway systems, hydraulic systems, industrial automation, air vehicle industry, machinery industry, construction industry, biology, medicine, robotics and other fields that need to measure and control angles.

    Digital protractor applications

    Model SISCO-DP-360
    Resolution 4x90°
    Accuracy 0.05°
    Protection Level  IP65 (30 minutes under spraying conditions)
    Operating Temperature  -10°C ~50°C
    Power Supply  2 No. 7 batteries, automatic shutdown after 5 minutes without induction
    Backlight Characteristics backlight function on, press any key can be lit at the same time backlight about 30 seconds
    Weight with Packaging 211g

    Button Function

    Magnetic protractor button function


    Button A

    • Press once to turn on the display screen.
    • Press again to zero the current angle and the REF icon will show the relative angle measurement mode.
    • Press and hold the "A" key for 3 seconds and then turn off.
    • This display will turn off automatically after 5 minutes without induction, which is convenient to extend the battery life.

    Button B

    • Press once to enter the HOLD function and display the "H" icon.
    • Press again to release the HOLD (manual) function.
    • Press and hold the "B" button for 3 seconds to activate the voice prompt function. The buzzer will sound at 0° horizontally and 90° vertically, with a faster rhythm when approaching 0° or 90° and a continuous sound when at 0° or 90°.

    Button C

    • Switch angle display unit, each press, the unit from degrees to millimeters/meters, in turn, switch to degrees to slope ratio, degrees to inches/feet.
    • Press the "C" button for 3 seconds to turn on the display light.
    • Press any key to turn off the display when this light is on.
      Press the "C" key for 3 seconds to turn on the display.

    Q1: What is a digital protractor?
    A1: The digital protractor is a device for measuring small angles, which can be used to measure tilt for horizontal position, parallelism, and perpendicularity of two parts, straightness of machine tools and instrument guides, table flatness, and flatness of flat plates, etc. 

    Q2: How does the digital protractor work?
    A2:  When the axis in the digital protractor base is rotated in one direction, the count increases, and when the direction of rotation is changed, the count decreases. The count is related to the initial position of the goniometer. When the goniometer is initialized, its count is set to 0. By calculating the angle of rotation, the position and speed can be easily measured.

    Q3: What is the accuracy of the digital protractor?
    A3: Digital Protractor measure an angle over 360 degrees with a high accuracy of 0.1 degrees.

    Tips: How to use sisco digital magnetic protractor?

    Level measurement: Turn on the power and put the digital magnetic protractor on the surface you want to measure. In standard ABS mode, the LCD screen will show how many degrees the measurement surface is below or above the true level, with +/- marks to show how to level the measurement surface. If the voice function is activated, the buzzer will sound at the horizontal zero degrees.

    Slope measurement: The digital inclinometer measures the slope of a similar roof in inches, measuring the slope dimension in inches per foot, or in millimeters, measuring the slope dimension in millimeters per meter.

    Slope measurement: This digital magnetic protractor can also be used to measure the slope of a surface, especially when laying drainage pipes. When the conversion key is in slope measurement mode, the ratio is displayed. If the voice function is activated, the pager will sound when the ratio is 0.0%.


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    What is covered?

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