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Magnetic Flow Meter for Sewage/Wastewater

Magnetic flowmeter power supply voltage 110V AC, 220V AC or 24V DC, output signal 4-20mA, flange mounting, nominal diameter DN15~DN200 optional, with integral and remote structure design, high precision, good reliability, and various pipelines compatibility and other characteristics, suitable for flow measurement and control of industrial water, groundwater, and urban industrial wastewater.
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Electromagnetic flowmeter with stable and reliable, responsive, anti-interference ability, the output signal 4-20mA, nominal diameter DN15 ~ DN200 for selection, electromagnetic flowmeter adaptable, compatible with a variety of pipelines, suitable for all conductive liquids, such as domestic water, industrial water, sewage.


Magnetic flow meter head

Newly upgraded protective header

  • Fully protected meter head, reducing interference and more accurate signal transmission.
  • sisco magnetic flowmeter instantaneous flow cumulative flow display.
Magnetic flow meter coil

Magnetic flowmeter adopts pure copper coil

  • Pure copper coil ensures stable and accurate signal output.
  • Improve instrument reliability.


The magnetic flowmeter is used in petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, water supply and drainage, water conservancy irrigation, water treatment, sewage treatment station (environmental sewage control, chemical sewage, electroplating sewage), paper (pulp), mud, medicine, food and other industrial and agricultural flow measurement and control.

Magnetic flow meter applications

Medium Conductivity fluid (≥5uS/cm)
Nominal Diameter * DN15~DN200
Nominal Pressure 1.6MPa
Velocity Range 0~10m/s
Accuracy ±0.5%R
Configuration Integral type or remote type
Highest Medium Temperature Integral type +80°C
Remote type +80℃ (CR) or +120℃ (F4)
Turn-down Ratio Integral type 20:1
Remote type 10:1
Ambient Temperature Sensor -25℃~+180℃
Convertor -10℃~+60℃
Liner Materials * Chloroprene rubber (CR) or Polytetrafluoroethylene (F4)
(Customized materials: Polyurethane rubber PU, F46)
Electrode Material * Stainless steel 316L
(Customized electrode: Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Titanium, Tantalum, Platinum)
Form of Electrode Interpolating
Number of Electrodes Standard configuration 3-4 electrodes (two measuring electrodes plus a grounding electrode)
Output Signal 4-20mA
Cable Entry Size M20 × 1.5 (Nylon waterproof connector)
Supply Voltage* 110V/220V AC, 50Hz/60Hz; 24V DC ±10%
Power Dissipation ≤15VA
Communication RS-485, support standard Modbus-RTU protocol
Flange Standard Conform to the international GB9119
Flange Material Carbon steel
Grounding Ring Material Stainless steel
Housing Material Carbon steel
Protection Level IP65
Cable Length (Remote Type) 10m connecting line (Standard)


*Please note that all the options may not be listed in the selecting area, including the nominal diameter, liner materials, electrode materials and so on. If your have any requirements, please contact us.

Mag Flowmeter Flow Rate

Magnetic flowmeter flow rate


Magnetic flow meter dimensions

DN a ∅D ∅Do n∅A
15 200 95 65 4*14
20 200 105 75 4*14
25 200 115 85 4*14
32 200 140 100 4*18
40 200 150 110 4*18
50 200 165 145 4*18
65 250 185 145 8*18
80 250 200 160 8*18
100 250 220 180 8*18
125 250 250 210 8*18
150 300 285 240 8*22
200 350 340 295 8*22



Q1: Can a magnetic flow meter have perfect accuracy?
A1: In an ideal world, the flow readings from your process meter would be exactly correct, without any type of deviation. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the errors inherent in measurement must always be identified, accounted for, and minimized as much as possible.

Q2: Does a magnetic flow meter need to be calibrated?
A2: During the production of a flowmeter, several steps are required such as coil winding, lining processing, and electrode assembly. This series of operations can cause a certain amount of error and dispersion in the device, so a calibration process is required to correct the accuracy.

Q3: How often do magnetic flow meters need to be calibrated?
A3: Magnetic recalibrates the flowmeter every two years (every two years), or at the minimum frequency specified by the manufacturer. The manufacturer's specified minimum frequency meter readings are pressure corrected and, if necessary, corrected for moisture content.

Tips: What is a magnetic flow meter?

A magnetic flowmeter or electromagnetic flowmeter is an instrument based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which measures the flow rate of a conductive fluid by the electric potential generated by the conductive fluid passing through an external magnetic field. The structure of magnetic flowmeter mainly consists of a magnetic circuit system, measuring tube, electrode, housing, liner, converter, etc.


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Jasmine | 3/1/2023 5:23 PM
Works very well
I bought this magnetic flow meter for measuring the wastewater. The split type is really convenient for me to operate this item and measure the wastewater. Works very well!!! Hopefully it will work for a long time.
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