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    Hardness Tester Price list
    A hardness tester is an instrument designed to measure the hardness of a material, which is the material's resistance to permanent deformation, indentation, or scratching. Hardness testing is commonly used in various industries, including metallurgy, manufacturing, engineering, and quality control, to assess the hardness characteristics of materials. In this article, sisco will list the price of corded circular saws for your reference.
    Hardness Tester Troubleshooting
    A hardness tester is an instrument used to measure the hardness of materials, commonly employed in hardness testing of various materials such as metals, plastics, and rubber. However, due to prolonged use or improper operation, the hardness tester may encounter some issues. In this article, sisco will introduce common problems with hardness testers and their corresponding solutions to help users better maintain and utilize hardness testers.
    What is a Bimetallic Thermometer?
    A bimetallic thermometer is a common sensor used for measuring temperature. It is composed of two different metals stacked together, and their slight deformation due to differential expansion rates caused by temperature changes is used to measure temperature. In this article, sisco will introduce the working principle, structure, features and applications of bimetallic thermometers.
    Laser Distance Meter Working Principle
    A laser distance meter is an instrument that accurately measures the distance to a target using laser technology. During operation, the laser distance meter emits a thin laser beam towards the target, and the reflected laser beam is captured by photoelectric components. The timer measures the time it takes for the laser beam to travel from emission to reception, calculating the distance from the observer to the target. Laser distance meters are known for their lightweight, compact size, simple operation, speed, and high accuracy, with an error rate only one-fifth to a few hundredths compared to other optical range finders. In this article, sisco will introduce the working principles of laser distance meters for a better understanding.
    How to Use a Phase Tester?
    The phase tester is a measuring instrument that can measure the phase difference and time difference of synchronous signals in the power system. It is mainly used to detect the synchronization of circuits in the power system, ensuring the stable operation of the power system. It is also used to detect the synchronization between load power and power stations, ensuring safe synchronous operation. The phase tester has memory capabilities and can store multiple measurement data for convenient debugging and analysis. In this article, sisco will provide you with a detailed introduction to the usage method of the phase tester to help you make better use of it.
    What is a Laser Distance Meter?
    Laser Distance Meters (LDMs) are handheld devices that use laser technology to measure distances accurately. They operate on the principle of emitting a laser beam towards a target object and measuring the time it takes for the beam to reflect off the object and return to the device. By calculating the time of flight and considering the speed of light, these devices provide precise distance measurements. Laser distance meters are commonly used in various industries, including construction, surveying, and real estate, offering a quick and efficient alternative to traditional measurement tools like tape measures. Laser distance meters, also known as laser rangefinders or laser distance measurers, operate based on the principle of time-of-flight. The basic idea is to measure the time it takes for a laser pulse to travel to a target and back, and then use this information to calculate the distance.
    What is a Gloss Meter?
    A gloss meter is an instrument used to measure the degree of surface gloss on objects such as plastics, inks, paints, coatings, marble, granite, and coated surfaces. It finds extensive application in industries such as chemical raw materials, coatings manufacturing, automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, and other fields requiring specialized measuring instruments. High-precision gloss meters are categorized into high gloss, medium gloss, and low gloss types based on the measurement angle. In this article, Sisco will introduce the working principle, usage, application range, and precautions for testing gloss meters to help you gain a better understanding of this instrument.
    How Does Linear Scale Work?
    Linear scale is a kind of sensor widely used in measurement and positioning systems, which realizes high precision measurement by detecting the phase change of light. This linear scale usually consists of a light source, a grating, a detector, and a signal processing unit, and has the advantages of high precision and fast response speed. The following is a detailed article from the sisco store about the working principle of linear scale.
    What is Linear Scale?
    A scale, also known as a scale displacement sensor (scale transducer), is a measurement and feedback device that works with the optical principle of a grating. Often used in closed-loop servo systems for CNC machine tools, optical scales can be used to detect linear or angular displacements. Linear scale is one of the types of scale, an optical sensor device used to measure linear displacement, the main principle of which is based on the interference and diffraction effects of light. It is widely used in industrial automation, CNC machine tools, precision measurement, etc. sisco shop will introduce the structure, basic principle, and application of linear scale in detail.
    Network Cable Tester Troubleshooting
    Network cable testers play a vital role in maintaining and optimizing network performance. However, even the most advanced network cable testers can fail. In this article, sisco shop will cover some common network cable tester malfunctions and provide detailed troubleshooting steps to help you quickly get your equipment back up and running.