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    What are the Types of Air Quality Monitors?
    An air quality monitor is an instrument used to measure and monitor various pollutants and meteorological parameters in the atmosphere. These monitors play a vital role in a variety of environments, including urban, industrial, rural, indoor environments, etc. will introduce the different types of air quality monitors, their working principles, areas of application, advantages, and disadvantages.
    How Does Air Quality Monitor Work?
    An air quality monitor is an instrument used to measure and monitor various pollutants and meteorological parameters in the atmosphere to assess air quality and meteorological conditions. These instruments have a wide range of applications in different fields such as environmental protection, public health, meteorological research, and industrial monitoring. sisco shop will explain in detail how air quality monitors work and how they work to help you better understand their function and importance.
    Air Quality Monitor Buying Guide
    Buying an air quality monitor is an important decision, whether you are an individual, a home, a business, or a government agency. A good air quality monitor can provide accurate data to help you better understand and manage air quality issues. In this buying guide, the sisco store will detail how to choose the right air quality monitor for your needs.
    Why Do We Need Air Quality Monitors?
    When haze becomes the norm and masks become a must-have, you spend a lot of money and smash walls and wires to bring air purifiers and fresh air systems back to your home to survive. Their humming sound gives you peace of mind, but are these devices effective against air pollution? If you are also troubled by this, then come and follow in the footsteps of the sisco shop to find out why you need an air quality detector.
    What is an Air Quality Monitor?
    The air quality monitor is a product that can detect formaldehyde, PM2.5, TVOC and temperature and humidity in real-time. It is small and exquisite and easy to carry. Through its internal sensor, it can accurately measure the concentration of pollutants and calculate the air quality index AQI, and alarm when the concentration exceeds the standard. The principle of the air quality monitor is to detect the signals of the front-end formaldehyde sensor, PM2.5 sensor, TVOC sensor and temperature and humidity sensor, amplify the weak signal of the sensor through the operational amplifier, and remove the noise interference through the filter circuit, then collect it through AD, and use 32-bit high-precision CPU processing and calculation, converted into pollutant concentration values, and displayed on the LCD screen.