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    Why Do We Need Air Quality Monitors?

    When haze becomes the norm and masks become a must-have, you spend a lot of money and smash walls and wires to bring air purifiers and fresh air systems back to your home to survive. Their humming sound gives you peace of mind, but are these devices effective against air pollution? If you are also troubled by this, then come and follow in the footsteps of the sisco shop to find out why you need an air quality detector.

    An air quality monitor is a device used to detect and evaluate different pollutants in the atmosphere such as particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and more. Its importance cannot be underestimated.

    Answers to All Your Air Questions

    Whether you're a natural skeptic or a pragmatic seeker of truth, owning an air quality tester allows you to regain control of your air quality.

    • Should I turn on the purifier at home when it's mildly polluted outside? No problem, measure it.
    • What gear is the purifier on and for how long? Simple, measure it.
    • Should I change the filter at four months, or wait until six months? Again, test it!

    An air quality tester can give you a definitive answer to all these lingering questions. Not only that but this real-time, accurate data can be used as the basis for setting up and using your air purifier or fresh air system, helping you to better manage your indoor air quality. Air purifiers and fresh air systems don't give you the peace of mind you need. Your air should be tested by you.

    Avoid the Heavy Drawbacks of a Purifier's Monitoring

    If the detection module that comes with your air purifier is an indicator light, then you can ignore it. These lights generally use colors to differentiate air quality levels, which is like a weather forecast that no longer tells you the exact temperature in Celsius, but rather "cold" or "very cold" tomorrow. This simplified and vague description may not be used as a reliable reference.

    And if your air purifier can provide a number, can it be trusted? The answer is also no. Many air purifiers have built-in detection modules that use infrared sensing technology, which is not as accurate as air quality testing devices that use laser technology. We have done experiments when the air quality monitor is placed next to a purifier when the air quality monitor shows that the AQI is already 400+, while the infrared sensor that comes with the air purifier still shows that "the air quality is good". 

    Air quality monitor in need

    Last but not least, the biggest drawback of the purifier's built-in detection module is that it can only detect the air quality near the purifier, and the freshly blown clean air does not reflect the real air quality in your home! Unless, of course, we sit on the purifier air vents all day long to eat, sleep, and catch up on TV shows.
    So, using a dedicated air quality monitor is a more accurate measurement, a truer reflection of the air level in your home, and at the same time more trustworthy. Of course, the benefits of having a dedicated air quality monitor don't stop there.

    Unlock a Variety of New Ways to Play

    With a specialized air quality monitor, you can do much more than just set it up in your home and test the data regularly. You can get creative and unlock a variety of new and useful ways to play with it. 

    1. Pair it with smart devices and set up your home automation scene.
    2. Carry it with you on business trips, traveling, and hiking to keep away from air pollution at all times.
    3. Remotely check the air in the places you care about, such as the baby's room, kindergarten, parents' home, gym, hotel, restaurant, library, and all-around protection of breathing health.

    Importance of Air Quality Monitor

    Air quality monitors are vital to human health. Airborne pollutants pose a serious threat to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, especially to children, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases. Air quality monitors provide real-time data to help the public and the government understand the local air quality situation so that appropriate precautionary measures can be taken, such as reducing outdoor activities or wearing face masks.

    Secondly, environmental protection and sustainable development require accurate air quality data. The air quality monitors can help governments and environmental organizations formulate policies and measures to reduce pollutant emissions, improve air quality, protect ecosystems, and preserve natural resources.
    In addition, the air quality monitor is important for meteorological and climatic studies. It provides real-time information on atmospheric conditions, which helps predict weather changes and monitor climate trends. This is vital for agriculture, transportation, energy planning, and emergency management.

    Finally, businesses and industries also benefit from excellent air quality monitors. It helps them to monitor emissions and ensure that their operations comply with environmental regulations, thereby reducing environmental liabilities and improving public image.

    Why Choose SISCO Air Quality Monitors? has been a provider of test and measurement equipment research for over 10 years. Our goal is to provide high-quality test and measurement equipment at the most affordable prices. is proud to retain a growing list of global customers who continue to benefit from our products. We offer a guarantee that sets us apart in the competitive test equipment industry, providing the best value for money, efficient support, and more.

    You can get a home air quality monitor online. It will be an assistant to help you understand the air around you and can be your home air quality control center, automatically turning on purification equipment when it monitors rising pollution levels, so you don't have to worry about it ever again. A variety of indoor air quality monitors are available on Home portable air quality testers can detect different variables-dust (PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10), formaldehyde (HCHO), CO2, TVOC, AQI, temperature, and humidity-depending on the model, and when it comes to detecting particulate matter, air quality monitors offer top-notch accuracy. With the help of an air quality monitor, you will be able to easily check the air quality of your home, office, car, or other indoor areas.

    Air quality monitors play an important role in maintaining human health, environmental protection, scientific research, and industrial management. As urbanization and industrialization continue to grow, the importance of air quality monitors will continue to increase to ensure our quality of life and the sustainability of our planet.

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