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    What is an Ultrasonic Homogenizer?
    An ultrasonic homogenizer is a laboratory instrument used to disperse, homogeneously mix, and process samples. Ultrasonic Homogenizer uses ultrasonic technology to deliver high-frequency sound waves into liquids to create violent oscillations and high shear forces to homogenize and disperse samples. Such instruments are widely used in scientific research, pharmaceutical, food industry, biotechnology, and other fields, ultrasonic homogenizers can efficiently process a wide range of different types of samples.
    When Should We Use an Ultrasonic Homogenizer?
    Ultrasonic homogenizer is a highly efficient tool widely used in laboratories and industries. Ultrasonic homogenizer plays a key role in the field of sample processing and dispersion with its unique ultrasonic technology. This technology is based on the principle of acoustic vibration, which transmits high-frequency ultrasonic energy into the liquid, generating strong shear force and pressure fluctuation, thus making the sample dispersed uniformly, the particle size reduced, the solubility increased, and the reaction speed accelerated, which effectively improves the efficiency and quality of the experimental and production process.
    Why is Ultrasonic Homogenizer Important in Biotechnology?
    Ultrasonic homogenizer is an advanced tool widely used in scientific laboratories and industrial production, ultrasonic homogenizer is mainly used to break cells and biomolecules through the use of high-frequency acoustic vibration generated by mechanical energy, to achieve the homogenization and extraction of samples in the field of cellular research, genetic engineering, protein analysis and other fields. sisco online shop will introduce the details of the ultrasonic homogenizer in biological technology.