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    What is an Ultrasonic Homogenizer?

    An ultrasonic homogenizer is a laboratory instrument used to disperse, homogeneously mix, and process samples. Ultrasonic Homogenizer uses ultrasonic technology to deliver high-frequency sound waves into liquids to create violent oscillations and high shear forces to homogenize and disperse samples. Such ultrasonic homogenizers are widely used in scientific research, pharmaceutical, food industry, biotechnology, and other fields, ultrasonic homogenizers can efficiently process a wide range of different types of samples.

    Main Components

    Ultrasonic Oscillator: The ultrasonic oscillator is the core component of the ultrasonic homogenizer. The ultrasonic oscillator generates high-frequency ultrasonic fluctuations, usually above 20 kHz, and some can even reach above 100 kHz. The ultrasonic fluctuations are transmitted to the sample through the transducer of the ultrasonic oscillator.

    Transducer: The transducer of the ultrasonic oscillator converts electrical energy into acoustic energy and then transmits the sound waves into the sample. The transducer is usually a metal oscillator that transmits sound waves into a liquid or solid sample.Ultrasonic homogenizer

    Processing Chamber: The processing chamber is where the sample is located. The chamber is usually made of stainless steel or glass to ensure that the sample does not chemically react with the ultrasound.


    • Sample Preparation: First, the sample to be homogenized or treated is placed in the processing chamber of the ultrasonic homogenizer. The sample can be a liquid, suspension, emulsion, suspended solid, or powder.
    • Ultrasonic Application: High-frequency sound waves are delivered to the sample by activating a high performance ultrasonic homogenizer. These acoustic wave fluctuations create high-intensity mechanical shear and eddy currents in the sample, breaking up aggregates and dispersing particles evenly. This helps to eliminate inhomogeneities and particle aggregation in the sample.
    • Control Parameters: The operator can control the parameters of the ultrasonic homogenizer, such as ultrasonic power, processing time, and processing temperature, to meet specific sample processing requirements.
    • Homogenization Complete: Once processing is complete, the sample is uniformly dispersed in the ultrasonic homogenizer, and particle size is reduced and dissolved in the liquid, resulting in increased surface area and solubility.

    Key Benefits Include

    • Highly Efficient Homogenization: The ultrasonic waves from the ultrasonic homogenizer can mix and disperse the sample homogeneously in a short period, thus saving time and labor costs.
    • Non-thermal Process: Unlike many traditional homogenization methods (e.g. high-pressure homogenizers), the homogenization process in ultrasonic homogenizers is usually non-thermal, which does not significantly increase the sample temperature, helping to protect heat-sensitive substances.
    • Wide Range of Applications: Ultrasonic homogenizers are suitable for a wide range of sample types, including liquids, solid suspensions, and gases.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Ultrasonic homogenizers typically do not require the use of harmful chemicals, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

    Common Application Areas

      1. Pharmaceutical Industry: Ultrasonic homogenizers are used for the preparation of drugs, nano-drug carriers, emulsions, and vaccines.
      2. Food Industry: Ultrasonic homogenizers are used for the preparation of emulsions, dressings, jams, sauces, and beverages to improve taste and texture.
      3. Biotechnology: Ultrasonic homogenizers are used for cell fragmentation, DNA and RNA extraction, protein purification, and particle dispersion.
      4. Environmental Science: Ultrasonic homogenizers are used for sample preparation of water samples and dispersion of particulate matter.
      5. Material Science: Ultrasonic homogenizers are used for nanoparticle preparation and nanomaterials research.  

    Ultrasonic homogenizer application

    The ultrasonic homogenizer is a powerful laboratory tool for homogenizing, dispersing, and treating samples effectively through the application of ultrasonic technology. The advantages of ultrasonic homogenizers include ease of operation, high efficiency, and no need to add chemicals, and therefore they are used in a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications. sisco shop offers high quality, reasonably priced different models with different applicable capacities! Ultrasonic homogenizers for sale online, such as 0.1-200ml mini handheld ultrasonic homogenizer, 0.1-300ml mini handheld ultrasonic homogenizer, and other ultrasonic homogenizers, if you are interested in it, welcome to click and buy.

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