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    How to Adjust the Laser Level?

    Laser levels are a mainstream tool typically used in the construction and surveying industry for leveling and aligning applications. They project a constant red or green line onto a surface on a horizontal or vertical plane and can be used for anything from hanging a picture to professional building work. Do you know how to adjust the laser level when using this tool?

    Green laser level

    How to adjust the laser level?

    • After the laser level is set up and leveled, turn the lens, use the collimator on the instrument to aim at the target, and rotate the focus knob to make the target or scale image clear until it reaches the sun mark image or scale image in the lens and the cross centerline The planes coincide;
    • Press the brake lever, and use the fine-tuning knob to find the target in the lens, so that the side of the scale is close to the vertical line of the center line of the f;
    • Rotate the eyepiece knob to make the f-shaped center line in the lens clear;
    • Then observe whether the bubbles in the long level are centered and coincident. If there is any deviation, use the long level fine-tuning knob to adjust the bubbles to be centered and coincident;
    • Look at the ruler reading, and remember that after the ruler passes through the objective lens and the focusing lens, it is already an inverted image in our line of sight, and the numbers can be misread. The laser level is an instrument with a laser guide device for measuring the height difference of ground benchmarking points.

    What is the method of laser level zero calibration?

    • Place the spirit level on a flat plate (or machine tool guide rail) with a solid foundation, and after the bubbles are stable, take a reading at one end, such as the left end, and set it to zero. Then turn the level meter 180 degrees, and still put it on the original position of the plate. After the bubble is stabilized, it is still at the original - end (left end) to read the A grid, and the zero position error of the level meter is 1/2 of the A grid.
    • If the zero error exceeds the allowable range, adjust the level meter zero adjustment mechanism (adjustment screw or nut to reduce the zero error to within the allowable value. For non-regulated adjustment screws, the nut must not be screwed arbitrarily. Before adjustment, The working surface of the spirit level and the plate must be wiped clean. After adjustment, the screws or nuts must be tightened).

    When using the laser level, the sisco also reminds everyone that you should strictly abide by the safe use of the laser level, and resolutely prohibit direct exposure to people's eyes, and there is a semiconductor laser tube in the laser level that is a sensitive device, you should pay attention to the relevant anti-electricity and protection regulations.


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