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    How to Choose a Laser Level?
    The laser level is mainly used to measure the height difference of the ground benchmarking point. The laser level's working principle is to set a horizontal plane and scan the laser on this horizontal plane, and then use the receiving target to receive it. When the center of the receiving target is consistent with the elevation, it can be read according to this level. Out of the elevation; therefore, the laser level can be operated by one person. In the construction industry, the spirit level is an indispensable measuring tool, which can measure the horizontal position, vertical position, and inclination angle of equipment installation.
    How to Adjust the Laser Level?
    LaserĀ levels areĀ a mainstream tool typically used in the construction and surveying industry for leveling and aligning applications. They project a constant red or green line onto a surface on a horizontal or vertical plane and can be used for anything from hanging a picture to professional building work.
    What is a Laser Level?
    A laser level is a kind of level that uses a laser beam instead of manual reading. There are two types of laser levels: special laser level and laser device attached to the level. It can be used for leveling measurement by cooperating with a leveling rod equipped with a photoelectric receiving target. Compared with the optical level, the laser level has the characteristics of high precision, long line of sight and automatic reading and recording.