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    Moisture Meter Price List

    A moisture meter is an instrument or device used to measure the moisture content of a substance. Moisture meters are used in a wide range of applications in several fields, including food processing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, building materials, chemicals, environmental science, and laboratory research. Moisture meters vary in price depending on the model, brand, features, and performance level. Below are the price ranges and descriptions of the different types of moisture meters available at

    The main function of a moisture meter is to determine the moisture content in a sample, which is important for controlling product quality, ensuring food safety, determining the conformity of raw materials and conducting scientific research. The price of a moisture meter depends on the area of application, type of sample, accuracy requirements, and other factors.

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    Product Name Function SKU USD
    Concrete Moisture Meter Concrete SISCO-CMM-MS300 350.62
    Digital Grain Moisture Meter For Wheat, 6 Kinds of Grain SISCO-MM-TK100G6 189.12
    Digital Grain Moisture Meter 11 Kinds of Powder Grain SISCO-MM-TK100G11 189.16
    Digital Grain Moisture Tester 25 Kinds of Grains SISCO-MM-TK25G 220.46
    Digital Multifunctional Moisture Meter Wood/Grain SISCO-MM-TK100 147.28
    Digital Soil Moisture Meter Handheld SISCO-MM-PMS710 338.46
    Handheld Moisture Meter For Food SISCO-FMM-DM300 426.79
    Moisture Temperature Meter Temperature SISCO-MTM-HM580 253.16
    Portable Hay Moisture Meter Pin Type, LCD Display SISCO-MM-TK100H 198.62
    Portable Wood Moisture Meter Pin Type, LCD Display SISCO-MM-TK100W 189.46

    Prospects and Trends

    • Intelligence and Automation: With the development of Industry 4.0 and automation trends, moisture meters will become smarter and will be able to automatically record, analyze, and transmit measurement data, thus improving productivity and quality management.Digital multifunctional moisture meter
    • Portable and Field Applications: The demand for portable moisture meters will continue to grow, especially in agriculture, construction, and environmental monitoring. These devices will be smaller, more portable, and capable of making accurate moisture measurements in the field or under field conditions.
    • Faster Measurement Speeds: Future moisture meters will have faster measurement speeds, enabling quicker response times in production processes. This is critical for real-time control and timely quality checks.
    • Higher Precision and Accuracy: The accuracy of moisture measurement will continue to improve to meet increasingly stringent quality standards and regulations. Highly accurate moisture meter are critical in areas such as the food, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.
    • Diverse Application Areas: Moisture meters will further expand their application areas, including biomedicine, new energy, material science, and other fields. This will help solve moisture measurement problems in different fields.
    • Environmental Protection and Sustainability: The moisture meters of the future will be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. They will be more energy efficient, reduce waste generation, and use environmentally friendly materials.
    • Non-destructive Testing: The development of non-destructive testing technology will make moisture measurement easier. This technology will eliminate the need for direct contact with the sample, thus reducing contamination and damage to the sample.

    Moisture meters usually have different performance characteristics, such as measurement accuracy, speed, degree of automation, and range of application. Overall, moisture meters will continue to play a key role in a variety of fields, contributing to the improvement of product quality, reducing waste of resources, and ensuring the sustainability of production processes. Future developments will make moisture measurement smarter, more accurate, and environmentally friendly, helping to meet growing market demands.

    The price of a moisture meter depends on the model and brand you select, as well as additional features and performance levels. Before purchasing, it is advisable to consider your specific needs and budget to choose the most suitable moisture meter. Whether you are engaged in laboratory work, production management, or quality control, you can find a moisture meter suitable for your application. provides high quality and high precision different types of moisture meters to choose from, if you are interested in it, welcome to click, we provide professional service and consulting visits.

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