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    Insulation Resistance Tester Price List

    An Insulation Resistance Tester, often referred to as a "megohmmeter" or simply "megger," is an electrical testing instrument used to measure the electrical resistance of insulating materials. Its primary purpose is to evaluate the integrity and quality of insulation in electrical systems, cables, wires, windings, and other components. This type of testing helps ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical equipment and systems. Understand their prices so you can make a better choice.

    Basic Features and Functions

    1. Resistance Measurement: The primary function of an insulation resistance tester is to measure the electrical resistance of insulating materials. It provides a quantitative measure of the insulation's ability to resist the flow of electrical current.
    2. High-Voltage DC Output: Insulation resistance testers generate a high-voltage direct current (DC) signal, typically in the range of 250 volts to several kilovolts. This voltage is applied to the insulation being tested to stress it and detect any potential issues or weaknesses.
    3. Current Measurement: The instrument measures the current that flows through the insulation when the high-voltage DC signal is applied. This current, often referred to as leakage current, is a key parameter for assessing the condition of the insulation.
    4. Resistance Calculation: Using Ohm's law (V=I*R), the tester calculates the insulation resistance (R) by dividing the applied voltage (V) by the measured current (I). The resulting value is expressed in ohms.
    5. Display and Recording: The insulation resistance tester typically displays the measured insulation resistance value on its screen. Some models also provide graphical displays and data-logging capabilities, allowing users to record and analyze the results over time.
    6. Safety Features: Insulation resistance testers often include safety features such as voltage interlock systems and discharge mechanisms to protect the operator and the equipment under test.

    SISCO Insulation Resistance Tester Price List

    To help you make a better choice, here is a price list of sisco for you.

    Product Name SKU Measurement Range Accuracy Price
    Digital Megger Insulation Tester SISCO-IRT-UT511 100V/250V/500V/1000V 0% ~ 20% $335.72
    SISCO-IRT-UT512 500V/1000V/1500V/2500V 0% ~ 20% $524.59
    SISCO-IRT-UT513 500V/1000V/2500V/5000V 0% ~ 20% $952.30
    Insulation Resistance Tester SISCO-IRT-UT501A 100V/250V/500V/1000V ;0% ~ 10% $176.15
    SISCO-IRT-UT502A 500V/1000V/2500V 0% ~ 10% $295.46

    Tips for using a megger insulation resistance tester

    • Before the measurement, the power supply of the device under test must be cut off, and the short-circuit discharge to the ground must be performed.
    • For equipment that may induce high-voltage electricity, this possibility must be eliminated before measurement can be performed.
    • The surface of the object to be measured should be clean to reduce the contact resistance and ensure the correctness of the measurement results.
    • Before measurement, check whether the megger is in normal working condition, mainly checking its "0" and "∞" points. That is, shake the handle to make the motor reach the rated speed. The insulation resistance tester should point to the "0" position when it is short-circuited, and it should point to the "∞" position when it is open.
    • The insulation resistance tester should be placed in a stable and firm place, and away from large external current conductors and external magnetic fields. After the above preparations are done, the measurement can be carried out. When measuring, pay attention to the correct wiring of the megohmmeter, otherwise it will cause unnecessary errors or even mistakes.

    Insulation resistance testers come in various models with different voltage ranges, measurement capabilities, and additional features. The choice of a specific model depends on the application and the voltage levels involved. provides high quality and high precision different types of insulation resistance testers to choose from, if you are interested in it, welcome to click, we provide professional service and consulting visits.

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