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    Network Cable Tester Price List

    A Network Cable Tester is a specialized tool designed for diagnosing and verifying the integrity of network cables. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of network connections by identifying issues such as continuity problems, wiring faults, or cable length discrepancies. These testers are commonly used in both residential and professional settings to troubleshoot and maintain network infrastructures.

    In order for you to better choose a suitable network cable tester, sisco has listed a detailed price list for you.

    Network Cable Tester Price 


    Product Picture Product Name SKU Pirce
    BNC USB network cable tester, RJ45, RJ11 BNC USB Network Cable Tester, RJ45, RJ11 SISCO-NCT-300 $198.76 
    Multifunction network cable tester, RJ45/RJ11 Multifunction Network Cable Tester, RJ45/RJ11 SISCO-NCT-868 $98.76 
    Network cable lan tracker tester rj45-rj11 Network Cable LAN Tracker Tester, RJ45, RJ11 SISCO-NCT-306 $198.76 
    Network cable tester for lan phone rj45-rj11 Network Cable Tester for Lan Phone, RJ45/RJ11 SISCO-NCT-811 $94.86 
    Network ethernet cable tracer for rj45-rj11 Network/Ethernet Cable Tracer for RJ45, RJ11 SISCO-NCT-683 $184.96 

    Note: The above prices are for reference only. If you need real-time prices or preferential prices for bulk purchases, please contact us.

    Network Cable Testers Features

    Continuity Testing: Checks if all the wires in a network cable are properly connected, ensuring end-to-end continuity. This is essential for data transmission reliability.

    Wire Mapping: Identifies the wiring arrangement within a cable, ensuring that the correct wires are connected to the right pins. Wire mapping is crucial for preventing miswires and ensuring proper signal flow.

    Length Measurement: Measures the length of a network cable, providing valuable information about the cable's reach and aiding in network planning and organization.

    Fault Detection: Detects common faults such as short circuits, open circuits, reversed wires, and other issues that may compromise the performance of the network.

    Tone Generation and Tracing: Some advanced cable testers include features like tone generation, which allows users to trace and identify specific cables within a network. This is particularly useful in complex network setups.

    Display and Interface: Ethernet cable checker typically have a display that provides information about the test results. The interface may include buttons for selecting different test modes and interpreting the results.

    Portability: Many network cable testers are portable and battery-powered, allowing technicians to use them in various locations, including data centers, offices, and remote sites.

    Compatibility: Network Cable Testers are designed to work with different types of cables, including Ethernet cables (e.g., CAT5, CAT6), telephone cables (e.g., RJ11), and others commonly used in networking.

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