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    Digital Panel Meter Price List

    Digital panel meter is a widely used instrument in various fields to measure and display the values of physical quantities, electrical signals, or process parameters. Digital panel meters are versatile and flexible and can measure and display a variety of parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, humidity, power, and time. The price of a digital panel meter can vary based on several factors, including brand, model, features, measurement range, accuracy, and more. The price ranges of digital panel meters offered by the sisco store.

    Digital panel meters are often equipped with user-friendly interfaces so that users can perform setup, mode switching, alarm configuration, and data viewing. This digital measurement solution not only improves the accuracy and repeatability of measurements, but also facilitates data collection and analysis, helping to improve productivity, ensure product quality, and safeguard safety. digital panel meter price list

    Product Name SKU Price
    3 Phase AC Digital Ampere Meter SISCO-PANEL-AM $612.39 
    3 Phase AC Digital Panel Volt Meter SISCO-PANEL-VM $426.25 
    4 Digit Digital Panel Meter for Displacement Sensor SISCO-DPM-DS4D $164.62
    5 Digit Digital Panel Meter for Potentiometers SISCO-DPM-DS5D $226.15
    5 Digit Digital Torque Meter for Dynamic Torque/Speed/Power SISCO-DPM-RTS5D $489.98
    5 Digit Display Controller for Load Cells SISCO-DPM-LC5D $210.80
    5 Digit Display Controller for Load Cells, RS485/ 4-20mA Output SISCO-DPM-DY220 $247.85
    7 Digit Precision Digital Panel Meter for Grating Ruler SISCO-DPM-GR7D $164.62
    Double 4 Digit Digital Panel Meter for RTD/Pressure/Level Sensor SISCO-DPM-USD4D $155.81

    Future Prospects

    Higher Integration and Versatility: The digital panel meter of the future will be more integrated and versatile. Digital panel meters will be able to measure and display multiple physical quantities simultaneously, including voltage, current, temperature, humidity, pressure, and more. This level of integration will allow for greater flexibility and applicability, reducing the number and cost of devices.

    Higher Measurement Accuracy: As technology continues to evolve, the measurement accuracy of digital panel meters will be further improved. This will enable it to be widely used in fields that require high-precision measurements, such as scientific research and high-precision manufacturing.

    Better Data Communication and Remote Monitoring Capabilities: Digital panel meters will be better integrated into IoT and remote monitoring systems. Digital panel meters will have more powerful data communication capabilities, enabling users to monitor and control measurement data in real-time from remote locations.

    More User-friendly Interfaces: Future digital panel meters will have more intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, making it easier for users to set up, analyze data, and set alarms. Touch screens, voice recognition, and more advanced controls will be possible.

    Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Digital panel meters will be more energy efficient and sustainable. Low-power designs will reduce energy consumption, while the use of renewable energy and green materials will minimize environmental impact.

    Automation and Intelligence: Digital panel meters will be better integrated with automation systems and artificial intelligence technologies. This will enable it to play a more important role in industrial control, automated manufacturing, and smart homes.

    Customization and Application-specific: Digital panel meters will be easier to customize to the needs of specific applications. Manufacturers will offer more customization options to meet the unique requirements of different industries and sectors.

    Education and Training: Digital panel meters will continue to play an important role in education and training. Digital panel meters will be used to train a new generation of engineers and technicians to help them understand the fundamentals of measurement and instrument operation.

    The future of digital panel meters is very bright. As technology continues to advance, digital panel meters will continue to evolve to meet changing market needs and play a broader role in a variety of fields. Their high accuracy, reliability, and sustainability will allow them to continue to play a key role in the scientific, industrial, medical, and environmental fields. At the same time, the increased integration and user-friendliness of digital panel meters will make them easier to use and maintain, with specific pricing that may vary according to market movements.

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