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    Energy Meter Price List

    An electric energy meter is an instrument used to measure electrical energy. It is also called an electric meter, a fire meter, or a kilowatt-hour meter. It refers to an instrument that measures various electrical quantities, and is commonly known as an electric meter or a fire meter. According to the classification of use, it can be divided into industrial and civil meters, electronic standard meters, maximum demand meters, and multiple rate meters. According to the structure and working principle, it can be divided into induction type (mechanical type), static type (electronic type), electromechanical integrated type (hybrid type).

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    Energy Meter Price

    Product Name SKU Price
    Single Phase Digital Energy Meter, DIN Rail Mounted SISCO-DEM-1P $183.07 
    Single Phase Digital Energy Meter, LCD Display, DIN Rail Mounted SISCO-DEM-2P $225.69 
    Single Phase Digital kWh Energy Meter, DIN Rail Mounted SISCO-DEM-001 $402.36 
    Three Phase Digital Energy Meter, DIN Rail Mounted SISCO-DEM-4P $357.69 
    Three Phase Digital Energy Meter, LCD Display, DIN Rail Mounted SISCO-DEM-002 $610.55 
    Three Phase Digital kWh Energy Meter, DIN Rail Mounted SISCO-DEM-003 $865.29 

    Static energy meter

    The static electric energy meter relies on the advanced mechanism of electronic energy measurement and inherits the advantages of the traditional inductive energy meter. It adopts a fully shielded and fully sealed structure, has good anti-electromagnetic interference performance, and is energy-saving, reliable, lightweight and highly accurate. It is a new type of electric energy meter that integrates high voltage, high overload and anti-electricity theft.

    The static electric energy meter obtains the current sampling signal from the shunt, and the voltage divider obtains the voltage sampling signal. The multiplier obtains the product signal of voltage and current, and then undergoes frequency conversion to generate a counting pulse whose frequency is proportional to the product of voltage and current. Frequency division drives the stepper motor to make the meter measure.

    Static electric energy meters are divided into single-phase electronic type, three-phase electronic type and three-phase four-wire electronic type according to voltage. They are further divided into single type and multi-function (active, reactive and composite type) according to use.

    The installation and use requirements of static electric energy meters are roughly the same as those of general mechanical electric energy meters, but the wiring should be thick to avoid heat and burn due to poor contact.

    Electricity card prepaid energy meter

    Electricity card prepaid energy meter is an electromechanical integrated prepaid energy meter, also known as IC card meter or magnetic card meter. It not only has various advantages of electronic electric energy meters, but also uses advanced microelectronic technology for data collection, processing and storage in electric energy measurement, realizing the management function of paying first and then using electricity.

    The electricity card prepaid energy meter samples the voltage signal and current signal respectively through the resistor voltage dividing network and shunt components, and sends them to the energy metering chip. Inside the metering chip, the multiplication operation is performed through differential amplification, A-D conversion and multiplier circuits to complete The instantaneous power measurement of the measured electric energy is then passed through filtering and digital and frequency converters to output a frequency pulse signal proportional to the average power of the measured electric energy. The high-frequency pulse output can be used for calibration, and the low-frequency pulse output is displayed on the counter. The power and CPU perform data processing such as communication copying and collection.

    Electricity card prepaid energy meters are also available in single-phase and three-phase.

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