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    Height Gauge Price List

    Height gauge is a measuring tool widely used in industry, science, and manufacturing to measure the height, distance, or position of an object. Different types of height gauges are available in the market with various prices which depend on the performance, accuracy, features, and manufacturer of the height gauge. sisco store will provide a price list of height gauges to help you understand the price range of different models and sizes of height gauges.

    sisco shop height gauge price list

    Type Product Name SKU USD
    Digital Height Gauges 0-80mm Digital Height and Depth Gauge SISCO-DHG-80 54.76
    0-150mm Digital Height Gauge SISCO-DHG-150 62.7
    0-200mm Digital Height Gauge SISCO-DHG-200 417.14
    0-300mm Digital Height Gauge SISCO-DHG-300 436.19
    0-500mm Digital Height Gauge SISCO-DHG-500 509.21
    0-600mm Digital Height Gauge SISCO-DHG-600 607.62
    0-1000mm Digital Height Gauge SISCO-DHG-1000 1,112.38
    Vernier Height Gauges 0-200mm Vernier Height Gauge SISCO-VHG-200 105.56
    0-300mm Vernier Height Gauge SISCO-VHG-300 114.77
    0-500mm Vernier Height Gauge SISCO-VHG-500 212.77
    0-600mm Vernier Height Gauge SISCO-VHG-600 217.38
    0-1000mm Vernier Height Gauge SISCO-VHG-1000 554.77

    Significant Advantages of Height Gauges

    • High Accuracy: Height gauges typically provide very high measurement accuracy and can measure small changes in height, which is critical for many applications such as parts manufacturing and laboratory research.
    • Non-Contact Measurement: Many height gauges utilize laser or ultrasonic technology, allowing for non-contact measurements. This means that the instrument can measure without physically touching the target object, reducing interference with the object and making it particularly suitable for applications with high sensitivity, such as thin-film measurements.
    • Fast Measurements: Height gauges are often able to complete measurements at very fast speeds, increasing productivity and experimental efficiency. This is beneficial for applications that require high-volume measurements.
    • Programmability: Many height gauges are programmable, allowing customized settings and automated measurements for specific needs, reducing operator workload.
    • Data Logging and Analysis: Height scales are often able to record measurement data and provide additional information through calculations and analysis. This is very helpful for quality control and research.
    • Versatility: Different models of height gauges can be used for a variety of applications, including measurement of height, diameter, depth, flatness, and more. This makes the height gauge a versatile measuring tool.
    • Remote Control and Data Transfer: Some height gauges have communication interfaces that allow for remote control and data transfer, which is useful for applications that require real-time monitoring and data logging.
    • Durability: Height gauges are often made of rugged materials that have a long service life and are capable of working in harsh environments.

    Choosing the right height gauge for the needs and budget is key. Before making a purchase, it is recommended to conduct market research to understand the performance, features, and prices of different models and brands to ensure you get the best value and performance. Whichever height gauge you choose, it will play an important role in industry, science, and manufacturing, providing accurate measurements that improve product quality and productivity.

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